Join & or Create Recreational Sporting Events

The recreational sports app that allows you to join a team for one game or for a whole season!

The Ringer Features

Join a Team

Join a team for one game or for the entire season. Get a one-off game in as a free agent for a team in need of extra player and/or look for teams who are looking to add players for the season.


Play Your Favorite Sport


Create & Manage Teams

If you’re short a player, you can find short term talent on ringer to fill in for games. You can also message your team with important updates and send information on game times and locations as well as where to meet up after. You’ll be on par with the General Manager of your favorite team except you’ll be making way less money and having a ton more fun!



Socialize! C’mon, half the reason we play sports is to hang with friends, meet new people and hang out after the game. Ringer allows the team to set a meet up spot after games as well as to communicate with your teammates in between. Studies say participating in rec league sports once a week increases your chances of making new friends, finding the love of your life and being the most badass version of yourself by 180%
(Source: Greg Studies, assistant high-school gym teacher and 6 time national kickball champion)

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